Diary Of A Book Addict

Now all my close friends know I am obsessed by books! I always have at least 4 waiting to be read and usually 2 on the go. I spend all my spare money on books and literary associated things. This is why it is a very bad good thing when I discovered this website - http://www.theliterarygiftcompany.com
Oh my gosh!! It is like my dream come true, here are some of my favourite things.

Brilliant for the educators out there
This should soooo be my mug!
Teatowel - "I write this sitting in the kitchen sink. That is, my feet are in it, the rest of me is on the draining board". Such an amazing quote.

Gorgeous cushion. Just need my own personal library now!
Notebook with classic Austen quote.

Gorgeous pin badge with an equally amazing Virginia Wolf quote.

So if any of you fancy getting me a last minute Christmas pressie you know where to go! 

I'm reading 'The Help' at the moment, and no I haven't seen the film. I refuse to do so until I've read the book. I've also just started the style book I showed you in yesterdays post. I decided to read the month in question each, well, month.

It has some really helpful tips and tricks for each month, and they're not just to do with fashion. I thought I'd share a section from December with you. It's about wrapping presents and is written by Michael Howells who is a set designer.

"There are two types of wrapper and 50 cent is not the one you'll be needing at this precise moment. Don't neglect the wrapping - you want your gift to make an entrance. Can you get creative with the photocopier at work when no one is looking and print and design your own wrapping-paper designs? Or scan lots of photos and print up a year's worth of memories to wrap your tokens in. If you are feeling you want to be more environmentally friendly, try and find a paper-free alternative, or use recycled paper from last year, or wallpaper, fabric remnants, glossy magazines or newspapers. Make a collage and tie it with string. Use shoe boxes and ribbons. For bikes and bulky objects you could find a cupboard or shed and drape an old curtain or sheet over the surprise. Can you keep it simple on the outside and exploding with sequins, feathers and all sort of delights as Pandora's box opens? Always double-if not triple-wrap layers to increase the suspense. Try it in different colours and textures and even add sweets - why not create the ultimate pass the parcel? The more layers, the more you will conceal the shape and contents and excuse any haphazard sellotaping techniques. Wrapping is as much a part of the present as the gift itself, especially if finished with a gift tag and lots of love."

What do you think of some of Michael's suggestions? Will you be using any of them this Christmas?

Helen xo

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