A True Dickensian Delight

I am totally obsessed by theatre, and last night I went to see one of Britain's best actors in two plays by Charles Dickens.

Here is my review........

Having never seen Simon Callow outside of a television screen I was extremely excited to see this production and it did not disappoint.
Callow was an absolute dream, capturing the whole audience from word one; it was a cliché hearing a pin drop moment. Effortlessly switching from one character to another, and never loosing the audience’s attention and focus. Personally it was the best piece of theatre I have ever seen, I cried, twice. You felt instantly connected, not to Callow himself, but to Mr Chops and Dr Marigold; two typically Dickensian characters. Even when unfortunately all the house lights came on half way through the second act, something that would have thrown a lesser actor, Callow stayed continuously and perfectly in character.
Mr Chops is a dwarf in a travelling show, and his story is narrated by his owner. Mr Chops lives day to day, and his one true wish is to come into property. As the story unfolds, Mr Chops’ wish comes true, but things don’t work out quite as he hoped.
For me Dr Marigold was the better of the two stories. Told in the first person, Dr Marigold is a tale of loss, hope, and affection.
The acting was true brilliance in itself, but for me, the set was something else. The stage was covered in sumptuous red velvet and old theatre posters; you are transported back to Victorian England and one of Dickens’ own infamous readings.
Thanks to the true brilliance that is Dickens, and an actor whose story telling prowess defies words; Dr Marigold and Mr Chops is a must see!

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Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

Sounds like it was a lot of fun!! I love going to plays. It's one of my all time faves :)

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