In Search of the Perfect Feature Wall

I need your help! I have been trawling the DIY store to find the perfect wallpaper for my new bedroom. I say 'new' it has been painted for around 6 months, but I fancy another change.
Heres the story:
It has gone from having wallpaper with trucks on (it was my little brothers room, before I moved away to University), to what it is now; a black grape colour on one wall and light grey on the other 3, and its beautiful. That is ever since I helped my Mum pick out the wallpaper for the living room. I could not resist the gorgeous paper on offer, I even took a few free samples that are just big enough to cut and frame. Consequently one of the grey walls in my bedroom is going to be covered with pretty paper, but I just can't decide! This is where you come in......

Its bright, but the pattern is just so pretty!

I think I have fallen in love! City prints; Paris, Rome, New York, London.

Who would not want their wall covered in Monroe!

More boyish, but I still like it. Thousands, upon thousands of skyscrapers.

What do you think?

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