Crafting - Easy Sew Gift Bags

I was trawling the Internet and my local shops for a cheap and cheerful fabric gift bag for two gorgeous little girls I know in Italy. After hours of trying I decided what the hay I'm going to make one. I brought some cheap fabric, and ribbon and got my sewing machine out.
You can make this bag to any size (I used the measurements Width - 9ins and Length - 15ins) and it was the perfect size to fit a few small presents in.

1. Measure and cut out the piece of fabric. Then pin a hem all the way around the fabric; I used a hem of about a quarter of an inch.

2. Sew the hem, and then sew the lengths together leaving a half inch gap at the top.

3. Thread some ribbon though the top hem and fasten at both sides of the bag.

4. Fill and deliver!

You could even make these as a no-sew project and use fabric tape.

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