Well this weekend I headed down to Upton, which is the tiniest village ever; 6 houses and a farm, no I am not joking! My Aunt and Uncle own and run the farm, they have chickens, cows, sheep and LOTS of farm cats.
I'm not normally a farm kinda girl, but I was determined to get away from the city and get some 'fresh' air. Anyway my mum and I arrived early Saturday morning and began mucking in and helping feed the farm kittens - sooooo cute.  Now I've been toying with the idea of becoming a vegetarian for a few days, I even went so far as to buy 'The Kind Diet' by Alicia Sliverstone.
Sunday brought a much more peaceful day, as Mum and I took Ollie and Rocky for a walk. 2 hours we spent walking through the gorgeous English countryside, the sun even peeped through the clouds at one point. By the end we were both covered in mud and exhausted, but utterly content.
I loved my time on the farm this weekend. I nearly stole a kitten, went on walks with mum, and saw my family; although I could have done without seeing a dead fox, but overall it wasn't at all bad. I am a city girl at heart though and needless to say I painted my nails as soon as I got home!

Mum and Rocky.

The Farm.

Me with Rocky and Ollie.

My Aunt Juliet.

Gorgeous countryside.

I though it was wonderful that even though its cold, this little bit of spring is still trying to poke through.
Ah, pretty nails!

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Orange Autumn said...

Sounds like you had fun!! I love the picture of the tree!

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