Style - Lea Michele

So I will admit it I am a total GLEEK!

Since Michele and the gang have been thrust onto our screens they have been firmly in the spotlight and in the paps camera lenses. For me Michele is the portrait of elegance, grace, and hell I'm going to say it style. Some people say style comes partly from the way you walk, the confidence and personality you ooze; which I do agree with, but killer clothes help too. 

Here are some of my fav Lea outfits:

Melinda Maria Earrings.
Versace Dress.
Christian Louboutin Laser-Cut Peep-Toe Heels.


Stephen Webster Jewelry.
Katharine Kidd Dress.
Christian Louboutin "Anna" Sandals.


Isn't she simply gorgeous!

H xoxo

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