Sisters are doing it for themselves.

I was reading Grazia this week and came across the article 'Dear sister in Somalia', and was totally inspired. Despite it being number 3 on the 10 hot stories list, when in my opinion it should have been at number 1; Grazia presented the story in such a way that it made me want to take action.
Therefore this post is dedicated to the charity Sister Somalia ( SS help victims of sexual assault. I was horrified but unfortunately not surprised when I read that because of the conditions in the refugee camps (no security and flimsy housing ), woman were finding it increasingly hard to protect themselves.
Sexual assault should never happen to anyone, but at least if I was assualted I'd have the power to report it. We all know how important it is to have friends and a support network around us, I know I couldn't cope without them when yet another relationship fails; but just imagine for a second that you have no-one to help you.....horrible isn't it!
SS runs a programme for Western women to write to Somali women, and I for one will be writing. If I only make the woman feel like she has a little more support then it will all be worth it. Now to start this letter..............

'Dear Sister'


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